I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website, inKlings.  If you’re here, I imagine it is because you, too, are a devotee of sailing, adventure, travel and the world of books. I’ve been very fortunate in my life, and I’ve been able to follow my inklings and sail aboard many boats to islands and continents across half the world. I enjoy creating imaginary worlds out of my experiences such as the adventures of Seychelle Sullivan, the tug and salvage captain who lives in Fort Lauderdale with her dog, Abaco.  I recently got the rights back to the four Seychelle suspense books and they are all now available as individual ebooks or as a boxed set on Kindle, Nook, iBooks or Kobo. I have an idea for a new Seychelle book, and I hope to write it and release it within the next year.

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During the last several years, I wrote a new adventure thriller featuring a pair of new characters: Riley, a female former Marine, now single-handing her forty-foot sailboat in the Caribbean, and Cole Thatcher, a maritime archeologist searching for the wreck of a World War II French submarine, the SURCOUF, that went missing in 1942. The new book is titled CIRCLE OF BONES and I originally self-published it. In July 2012, I was contacted by Amazon's mystery and thriller imprint Thomas & Mercer. They have worked with me to re-edit Bones and it was published under their imprint on Feb. 19, 2013. I absolutely love the new cover! They also contracted me to write two more books about Riley and Cole, and I'm currently writing the sequel to Bones called THE DRAGON'S TRIANGLE scheduled for an April 2014 release.

I recently released a small collection of four short stories called SEA BITCH: Four Tales of Nautical Noir about some rather nasty nautical women. Let's just put it this way - for every woman who has ever been yelled at while boating or dreamed of getting a little revenge against a guy who did you wrong, these stories should give you a wicked little smile. 

I hope you all will give CIRCLE OF BONES a try. If you think Seychelle gets into a whole lot of trouble, just wait until you meet Riley.

Fair winds!


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